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It has become noticeable in recent years that there is an increasing disconnect between the Labour Party and the very people it should be representing.
Tony Blair’s so-called Third Way may have won over many disaffected Tory voters in the 1990’s, but ‘New’ Labour also lost much of their core-support along the way, including me. I believe during this period Labour in effect sold its soul, by embracing a social-democratic brand of neo-liberalism. This was the point when I became lost to the Labour Party.
I have not forgotten how New Labour during its tenure introduced authoritarian civil-liberty curbing legislation at break-neck speed. Blair’s so-called humanitarian-interventionism bought chaos to the Middle East and resentment at home. Back in 2003, despite being a life-long Labour supporter I found myself marching against them in London, my city of birth. I know there were many tens, maybe hundreds of thousands like me who became lost to Labour that day.
So what now? – What direction should Labour take?
Well, we’ve recently had the likes of John Reid coming forward to declare Labour must take a necessary shift to the centre (which is of course, is code for a return to the right). To be honest, an ex-home secretary who walked into a lucrative job with Group 4 Security, having given them the contracts when in office – well, I’m afraid I have no time for him or his opinions.
Labour don’t need a lurch back to the right, they need to return to the left. Here’s why:
I remember reading Tony Benn describing English Socialism as a very particular beast: a philosophy centred on decency and fairness, a tradition borne out of Methodism and Trade Unionism: placing great emphasis on self-betterment, compassion and co-operation. This is something people can relate to, and I think this should be the essence of who Labour is and what it stands for.
In the recent campaign I was baffled by Miliband’s hesitancy to trumpet Labour’s glorious past achievements: Where was the celebration of the great transforming Atlee government; the pride in Nye Bevan’s NHS? –The Glorious Spirit of ’45! (?)
I mean, does anyone seriously believe that the NHS would even exist if it weren’t for that reforming Labour Party?
Having ditched the Labour Party under Blair, and having recently voted (without noticeable enthusiasm) for Labour under Miliband, I now truly want to return to a party I believe in. One dedicated to true social justice; one prepared to combat erroneous legislation such as TPP (which would in effect give corporations the human rights we are now abandoning); A Labour Party that listens to the people; that works with progressive parties like The Greens and SNP (Miliband’s arrogant dismissal of Sturgeon’s offer was frankly shocking to me). I would like to help, but most of all I would like to believe.
I am a writer of plays, and a teacher of writing. I have worked in a community setting for nearly 30 years now. I’m idealistic, I’m a dreamer: Politically speaking what I want is something to dream about, something to march behind. What we need is a collective dream that we can all buy into. Let’s all march behind a flag we believe in, not one that placates right-wing corporate interests.
I want to do more for a progressive Labour Party dedicated to social justice. I want to make the world a better, fairer, more compassionate place.
I’m telling you this because trust me; I’m precisely the kind of person you want on board, fighting on your behalf.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now (!)


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‘The door closed and we heard some grunting and what sounded like furniture being thrown around. I distinctly heard Senator Kerry pleading: ‘No Benjamin, no: for the love of God!’ — and ‘Please, no – it wasn’t me, it was those damned Russians!’  That’s when I heard what sounded like the senator being struck. There was a howl of pain, or anguish or something, and then another punch or slap.  The last thing I heard before two burly Israeli security guards pulled me away from the door was Netanyahu screaming – and I mean, screaming: ‘What  do you think we pay you for John?!’

Five minutes later Senator Kerry emerged with his face bruised and a little bloodied. He seemed to be missing buttons from his shirt and it looked like his tie had been kind of snipped-off just below the knot. That’s what I heard and that’s what I saw. Oh yeah, and I think he’d been crying’.


Senator John Kerry described his meeting as ‘very instructive’.


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Joe Biden sighs and looks away, muttering: ‘there must be something more …. I dunno… something we should be doing?’ —- Meanwhile Lenny Klein (the Whitehouse Photographer)snaps another of his trademark ‘Man of Decision’ photographs.
Note that President Obama has this time opted for the casual, shirtsleeves diplomacy-image, as witnessed by him placing a foot upon the walnut desk whilst faking a conversation with the speaking clock.
The poiny finger across the crotch intimates that President Obama is the alpha male here; directing the conversation which basically consists of him saying inane phrases like:
‘Get me all that intel on the build-up and movement of all hydro-plane weaponry’… and, ‘Have the secret agents wire it via satellite to our safe-receivers in Iron Mountain —- we’ll see what the boys in High Intel Ops make of the chatter’ —- and, ‘See if we can get some ears on the ground via the circus in Turkey-Stan’—
As he utters these phrases for the camera, meanwhile the voice on the other end intones:
‘At the third stroke it will be three thiry four and fifty seconds – [beep, beep, beep}’—–

In the background is a famous photo of a bombed minarette in Aleppo, Syria (presented To Joe Biden, in June 2013 by the Israeli foreign minister);
The photo bears the inscription:’The plan is ready for fruition, let us pray the bitter fruit takes root, lots of love, Avi )


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The ‘Jericho’ missile system in action. Each missile is said to bear the legend: ‘we’re the victims’.

An Israeli spokesman yesterday revealed the real reason their ‘much trumpeted’ new ballistic missile has been given the name, Jericho:


‘We first tried surrounding the borders of Iran and blowing trumpets to trigger an earthquake, but that didn’t work, so we commanded our soldiers to blow harder, and longer. Many passed out and turned blue with the effort, but still there was no earthquake, unfortunately. So we named the missile in honour of that doomed effort. The brave soldiers who blew those trumpets – many of whom ruptured their windpipes doing so – have since been honoured and feted; in fact they are now fondly referred to (in official circles) as the Brass Section of God.


Israeli soldiers – exhausted and demoralised after marathon trumpet-session failed to trigger earthquake.


He continued: ‘-But sometimes you have to go beyond the Biblical. So we figured, if we just had nuclear weapons – which we don’t, then why not create a missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload, which we don’t possess. That way we could just blow the bastards to dust; – Assuming we had a nuclear capability to do so. (Which we don’t)


Yet more anti-semitic propaganda.


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As weather forecasters are predicting another long hot, dry summer due to Global Warming Climate Change, riot police have expressed concerns that they could be facing their own version of the infamous hosepipe ban. 


– These scenes of light-hearted bank holiday crowd-control may soon be a thing of the past.

The gay abandon with which Turkish police recently blasted water at protestors in Istanbul may soon be curtailed due to water shortages.

‘As things stand, everyone has a damned good time’, commented Prime Minsiter Erdogan yesterday, at a hastily-convened and thankfully air-conditioned press conference: ‘-The police love firing them. and for many of the protestors, well, it gives them a bit of a chance to cool-off – it’s like the ultimate water-park really in that regard, especially on a hot, clammy day’.  But in light of weather predictions of drought-like conditions ahead, he sounded an ominous warning bell: ‘I do worry that if they can’t use the water-cannons, the redundant vehicles will have to be utilised in other ways’.

‘I’m afraid frustrations may simply boil over and deprived of their anxiety-relieving water-sports, frustrated police officers may simply plough through the protestors with their redundant vehicles. rather like they did on Saturday, but on a much bigger scale.’

He did offer one light-hearted alternative to the impending water-shortage however:

‘Our friends in Israel use piss and sewage to soak the Palestinians, and to my knowledge there’s no shortage of that in Turkey’ he chuckled. 



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Horrific clips of a machete weilding maniac calmly explaining his reasons for hacking a soldier to death.

But there’s something amiss here.

Did the news ADD blood???

Here we go, clip 1: BLOODY HANDS EVERYONE!


Now let’s see it (not on a news report) – Oh crikey, NO BLOODY HANDS!


—Oh yeah, and did he just say ‘OUR troops’???????


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Now then, now then, I’m a pedo-bogeyman,

Now then, now then, I’m gone, so you can’t touch me

I’m a dead distraction from the pedo-politicians

And (as it happens) the policeman, who never tried to stop me.

—So how’s about that then guys an’ girls? —– (bizarre yodel, to fade)


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By Brian Keene


She was a 12 year old girl who defiantly spoke out against the brutal occupation of her land. In October 2012 she was callously shot in the back by an Israeli soldier.  Flown to England for emergency medical treatment, her life was saved in a procedure that lasted over 12 hours.  Yesterday, brave Aminah Bata started school at The Bromwich Academy.   

Brian, as you well know, the story was and is about an Afghanistani girl shot by the Taliban.  The guidelines that you received clearly states the lives of Palestinian children do not matter.  Indeed Afghan children killed by coalition forces do not matter.  What’s more, injured children who fall under either of these categories would NEVER be flown to England for medical treatment under ANY circumstances, you know as well as I do that they are classified as ‘the enemy’. I am also in receipt of a supposedly satirical memo which was recently circulated around the newsroom, the authorship of which has been attributed to you.  In this ‘memo’ you insinuate that dead Palestinian kids are never named and touching epitaphs are never written on their behalf: Duh, yeah!  You also called into question my membership of The British Israelite Association – from which I can only surmise you are an anti-Semite.

p.s. you’re fired. Clear out your desk. 

Yours, the Editor.


THE DEATH REVERSAL CORPORATION (excerpt) January 6, 2013

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I know that they’ve retrieved high-profile people before. Apparently the technology – albeit in a crude form, has been around since the mid 1960’s – in fact there is a persistent rumour that the very first Celebrity retrieval was none other than Paul McCartney back in ’67.
Seems the Conspiracy-theorists were right about the car-crash – except he wasn’t replaced by a doppelganger – rather, the Tavistock Institute who had developed the first chair, in collusion with some shadowy State Agency somehow managed to send a Shaman successfully over to retrieve him.
The mission was a great success by all accounts. The Fab Four were reunited and everything was fine with Macca – barring a few technical blips, which would manifest years later in aberrations such as The Frog Chorus and Silly Love Songs….
That first Retriever has since become the stuff of legend, an almost mythical figure within the DRC. Problem was, he went and died a year later, in 1968. And despite their best efforts, Tavistock never found a capable replacement. After sitting empty decade after decade, eventually DRC (The De Reiss Corporation – later nick-named The Death Retrieval Corporation by recruits) acquired the chair in1995, or thereabouts. They spent a good fifteen years scouring the earth for potential retrievers – Psychics mainly, but also Shamans – at least those they could locate in the last few pockets left on earth that had not been cleared by the rampant Bulldozers of Civilisation. Yet all were either unwilling or unable to retrieve souls.
And it seemed the fate of Tavistock would be revisited upon DRC, until…they found me.

*The Death Reversal Corporation and it’s sequel: Limousines of The Gods will be published soon*


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‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’

So here we are, in the days and weeks that follow the failed apocalypse.
Are we? —And was it?

December 21st 2012, the media now gleefully tells us, was yet another in a long-line of doomsday-events that failed to materialise.
The irony being, of course, it was no such thing. The Mayans never predicted doomsday; the Hopi’s never did, nor the Hindu’s, nor David Icke, nor——well, you get the picture. -It was of course the media themselves who spun it thus.
But yet again, they fail to see, let alone report upon the bigger story, and the bigger story contains the greatest irony of all: for it is they who will finally face their own self-created version of armaggedeon; it is they who will no doubt feel the force of the passing of the age that has for so long defined them, that has fed and inflated their ego’s: And it is their very ego’s that shall be their ultimate undoing, making them blind to the fact that The Age of Materialism is slipping over the horizon like the closing scene to a Hannah Barbara cartoon——–‘That’s all folks!’

But this is on the macro-scale, what about on a day-to-day micro-level?–

Well, personally I can obviously only talk from my own experience and standpoint. But from where I’m standing at the moment I am seeing signs of an ongoing unfolding total meltdown amongst, well – just about everyone who remains resolutely wedded to their own ego. And I’m talking catastrophc, reactor-3 scale meltdowns. Just about everyone that I know who could be described as ego-centric (whether by nature or design) seems to be in the midst of an existential (i.e. soul-less) meltdown. And these meltdown incidences have all occured in the run-up to, or in the wake of this most portentious of Winter Solstice’s. Coincidence?

It brings to mind the quote from The Gospel of Thomas:

If you bring forth that which you have within you, it will save you.
If you do not, it will destroy you.

It is sad to say but it surely cannot be coincidence that those who have buried their souls beneath a blizzard of material goods and designer-definers- the same people who have always steadfastly refused to turn inward as opposed to outward for salvation – are precisely the ones right now lashing out, going mad, having mid-life-crises and ultimately seeking salvation within ego-self-gratification – which they resolutley fail to recognise is the very source of the misery they now feel.

So it seems to me – from my admittedly unscientific and unquantifiable viewpoint – that the Mayans (and the Hindu’s and the Hopi’s etc) were spot on when they pinpointed this time as signalling the end of the disconnected, destructive, materialistic, war-like age. And of course, the disconnected, destructive, materialistic, war-like media are singularly ill-placed to report on their own imminent demise. Hence their projection of the end-of-the-world. So whilst the smug wits on panel-shows poke fun at the handful of sheep who fled to the mountains of France and bunkers in Utah—-many of us have noted the ultimate irony: it is contained within the dread-word itself: Apocalypse – the true definition of which is unveiling, or unmasking – or as Wikipedia puts it:

apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning ‘un-covering’), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation

Blimey! No wonder they altered that definition.

And this unmasking (or lifting of the veil) is precisely what we’re seeing now, before our very eyes. And it signifies, for those who seek only control and self-satisfaction, the greatest doomsday scenario of all – if they could but see it – for it whispers of their own demise:
We are witnessing a true bonfire of the vanities; a worldwide ego-meltdown; an end to ‘bending nature to our will'; a stop to the endless wars of occupation and plunder; an end to the fork-tongued leaders and their media-mouthieces; the end of Orwellian double-speak where Hate is Love and Freedom means War, an end to the hectoring cheerleaders for a Tyrannical God as well as the stout defenders of a purely Mechanical Universe; an end to self-indulgent triviality over a deeply-felt oneness with the land and all the inhabitants of the land —- an end to all this.

So, when all is said and done – I have to say: okay then, bring it on. Bring on the Apocalypse – and let the masks fall where they will.

Lots of love, and Happy New Era everyone – and as Rumi said:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field.
I will meet you there.


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