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Did Obama’s Peace Prize open up a wormhole?

14/01/10 There has been much controversy on the internet regarding the strange spiral that appeared in the skies above Norway last month.  Was it, as has been theorised, a failed Russian missile launch; Or perhaps it was the result of the activation of the Hydron Particle Collider, which took place on the same day?  Some people have even suggested that it was a side-effect of tests carried out at the mysterious HAARP facility in nearby Tromso.  Will we ever really know?  Maybe not, but there is another theory taking hold on the internet: That the spiral was in fact a galactic protest against President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award.  Some theorists have pointed out that when Henry ‘Carpet-bomb Cambodia’ Kissinger received his award, mysteriously, the lights all went out in Massachusettes -the event was even memorialised in the famous Bee-Gees song (see link below):


The Bee Gees sang about the mysterious lights-out caused by Kissinger’s award.

Rumours are rife that the Galactic Federation of Light, a kind of interstellar United Nations (minus the shameful history of supporting third-world coups) may have opened up the wormhole as a signal that fine words and noble (or Nobel) gestures are no longer enough, and that true peace and true conservation of the planet is now the only option.  The Federation of Light have recently issued comminiques (via a trance medium and part-time Shaman from Solihull) to the effect that Al Gore’s carbon-credit scheme  – which stands to net the past peace-prize-recipient billions of dollars – is not the correct route to follow.

It is then perhaps no coincidence that a similar wormhole recently appeared above Mr Gore’s 20-room, 8-bathroom mansion in Nashville (see picture below):

Al Gore's inconvenient wormhole

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Wormhole

Terry Grayson, a plumber and practicing trance channeler from Solihull, England said:  ‘The Galactic Federation are onto me day and night, they’re furious with the way conservation of planet earth is going.  I’m being woken up at all hours with angry messages saying “bloody Al Gore this” – and “bloody Al Gore that” – in short, they’re  livid with him, and they’re just as angry with Obama’s peace prize – they say they opened up the wormholes deliberately, as a sign.  They want me to tell the world, and I’m happy to do so.  it’s just my plumbing business is suffering as a result.  I’m so bloody tired all the time, and my work’s suffering because of this. I have to get the message out there!’

Some commentators, however, say there may be a simpler explanation for ‘The Nashville Wormhole’, they  hypothisise that the ‘wormhole’ could simply have been caused by the draining of one of Mr Gore’s huge whirlpool baths (see picture below).

‘Gaia’ – one of Al Gore’s favourite baths.

Perhaps Mr Gore needs a good, reliable part-time plumber to take a look at his favoured bath: A tired plumber from Sollihull with an important message to impart maybe?

This is one story to watch.




1. Phoenix Aquua - February 3, 2010

Great sense of humor!

feedthemoon - February 4, 2010

Thanks for the compliment: been checking out your page – it looks full of great info.

Take care, and keep up the great work.


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