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Charged with investigating massive fraud among MPs at Westminster, Chief Inspector Jeff Swayne revealed to me that frustrated members of the Metropolitan Police seriously considered using Truth drugs to break down the habitual lies embedded at the very core of most members of parliament. 

‘After a long day interviewing politicians, I would be emotionally exhausted.  Sometimes I’d cry myself to sleep’, he admitted, adding, ‘I’ve dealt over the years with all manner of self-deluding, pathologically lying scum and low-life.  Nothing prepared me for the sheer wall of lies and deceit that our elected representatives threw up.’ 

Hazel Blears: 'The Mancunian Candidate'

‘They all exhibited the same blank-eyed expression – like an army of zombie embezzlers – they were like Manchurian Candidates, all of them –  programmed to serve themselves first, and the party second.  As far as I could discern, public interest didn’t come into it.’

He added:

‘Would I have used a Truth drug on these public servants?  The answer is, yes, I would.  We were so desperate we even made overtures to the Russians. Unfortunately that was vetoed.’  Regarding the level of success achieved by the investigations, he added: ‘I have to admit, we never broke most of them down, we simply couldn’t – it was like they were trained to resist questioning or something.

‘So, no justice for the voters then?’ I asked him.

 ‘Maybe at election time.’  He offered, and a thin smile momentarily played across his lips, before fading. In much the same way, I mused, that the publics’ faith has faded in their elected representatives.



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