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Ayatollah Khemenei spies on Israel, courtesy of the powerful Chinese-made binoculars: The Djiin 5000

Aaanan Gissin, Israel’s infamous Media advisor to Benjamin Netan-yahoo, looked the press-pack square in the eye, and jabbed a podgy finger of warning: 
‘Be in no doubt’, he said, ‘Tehran has the weapon, they have it!  -And as we speak, I am in no doubt, they are watching us with those big binoculars.’
Many assembled press-men, followed his nervous glance toward the window, myself included. 
‘Oh yes, they watch us all the time,’ he continued.  ‘They watch us as we drive our children to school, they watch our politicians as they draw up defensive plans to strike Iran, they could even, God forbid, watch us in our private moments.’

Gissin: 'They're watching us now - with those big binoculars!'

During the course of his paranoid diatribe, Gissin seemed to be becoming more and more agitated.  Eventually he broke:
‘For God’s sake, will someone please close those curtains!’  He screamed. 


                                                                                                                                                                   by Howard Jacobbson,  Mossad Media Agent.



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