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IT’S GONNA BE A CORKER!…For us, not you.

by Andrew Marr

In my long career as a political correspondent I honestly can’t remember more buzz and excitement than that currently being generated by this looming election campaign.  What’s that Marr, I hear you say, have you finally lost your mind? -Well, no, I haven’t: I’m not actually talking about you lot, the much put-upon general public – the buzz to which I refer is the buzz created, maintained and enjoyed by us: the newspaper and television correspondents! Yes, we, the humble servants of the media-behemoths are positively salivating at the prospect of live debates between the three major parties .  Can you imagine the amount of airtime we will spend, carefully analysing and breaking down those bland, carefully-rehearsed answers the three leaders will give to our inane and carefully-vetted questions? 

And make no mistake, although you, the general public have never before felt quite so apathetic, quite so cynical, and utterly detached from the political scene – we, the mass media have never felt so juiced and close to the action.  I say, hoorah! -That has got to be great news for everyone! -Every one of us in the media that is!

Of course, there won’t be a true debate on anything that really matters – that’s not the point of personality-led- politics: so, even though the vast majority of UK citizens don’t want any part of a European Union: I’m afraid you’ll have to lump it – because all three major parties are dead-set on further integration; and although a majority of the UK citizenry are skeptical about man-made climate change: Again, I’m afraid you’ll have to lump it – because all 3 parties will steadfastly refuse to enter a debate about the issue; and finally, although in some quarters, there are huge concerns about the increasing erosion of civil rights and the so-called on-going implimentation of a Big Brother State: Tough-titty -there will be no debate on this issue: But, I say to you, Joe Public: just wise up – this is going to be a media bonanza. The debates (or absense of them) don’t actually matter – politics stopped being about issues a long, loong time ago.  Nowadays, elections are fascinating only to see who’s going to be the next public face of corporate-led policy.  So get used to it! You may as well just take a chill-pill; kick back and enjoy the media pyrotechnics that we will selflessly provide.

I for one can’t wait to see all the dizzying graphics, and swingometers; the projections and forecasts; the carefully selected tweet-mesages read out by that old political warhorse David Dimbleby; the live feeds to council town halls, and that breathless moment when enough results have rolled in to begin to guage the mood of the 29% of the population who can actually be bothered to drag their weary butts down to the nearest voting booth. 

And I relish the expectation of that glorious moment, the next fateful morning when  the citizens of this faux-democratic-country actually wake up to a new government – a NEW government (even if it’s the same as the old one) – a government voted in by popular consent. -Well, when I say ‘popular consent’ – it’ll probably turn out to be about 14% of the country who actually voted for the winner.

And yes, I will of course accept, dear, skeptical public,  that in reality, despite the graphics and live-feeds, despite all the conjecture and bruising analysis -the country won’t, in reality, have changed one single jot – but for us correspondents and commentators, it’ll be straight back to work: With our phoney-analysis, and manufactured crisis coverage; we’ll already be preparing; creating the buzz: for, in little more than 4-5 years, there will be another election looming, and even bigger and better graphics to unveil.

Make no mistake, this is democracy in action.  And even if you don’t give two shits who actually wins – well, we, the media, are very excited indeed.

And as far as perception-politics is concerned, at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters .




1. James - April 18, 2010

In other words, panem et circenses.

I hear you Mark. I concur with much of your post. I don’t know what else to say….you’ve described the situation accurately enough. What can we do about it? I don’t really know what to do, other than generally encourage edification for all, by whatever means available…or bring back hanging, hanging for everyone. Seriously though, what can we do to change this scheme of things? Any thoughts on that?

The msm and other corporate interests are making a determined effort to control the internet, make it like television, in the pursuit of happiness in its idoiocratic style. Net neutrality is on the way out. Then there’s the three strikes and out for end users, re accused (but unproven) music copyright infringement. A poorly disguised totalitarian corporate terrorisation of freedom continues to escalate on all fronts.

Genuine expression and interaction via the web is in danger of being brought down to no more than box ticking options. I think that is the controlling interests, core, ulimate goal. It’ll be dressed up to look like empowerment to the people of course, giving them “choice”, e.g. Do you want a) Pizza, b) Cheeseburger, c) Lab, d) Con. Twittter is just part of the start of that process. Do you want to ‘twitter’? I don’t. I want to exchange and learn, get new ideas.

Did you receive that letter and slip sent out by Gordon Brown recently? At the bottom of the slip it says…. “There are only two parties…etc..” I was livid seeing that (but not surprised). Lib/Lab/Con are scared of ‘the fourth party’, as they know what you say is true, that “the vast majority of UK citizens don’t want any part of a European Union”. Yes indeed, certainly not as part of a political union ; they don’t want that and never have done.

This isn’t the United Kingdom any more, it’s UK plc. It’s a fact and people need to learn the difference between the two, that we don’t live a country, we live in a corporation. Herein lies the root problem as I see it….

The corporations (they own/are the government) and how they are allowed “limited liability” status ; this has to be changed, as limited liability = unlimited irresponsibility. The corps are entities that in law have the protected legal status of “a person”. The Corps only concern is making a profit for their shareholders, it matters not to them how they do that. Give an inhuman entity the protected status and benefits of “a person”, whereby no one running the company can ultimately be held responsibile for what the company does and the resulting consequences of such, then it shouldn’t be that surprising that companies will act inhumanly and against the best interests of communities/stakeholders, in it’s efforts to comply with its bottom line mandate of returning increasing profits for its shareholders.

Making light of this diabolical state of affairs is understandable and gives some relief. Quite frankly though, it’s just not enough to highlight the problem of the absurdity of our governance, as if it’s just a sad joke. It’s no joke really but I guess entertainment rules, eh?

Thanks anyhow for the output. It may be that you’ve provided some positive suggestions in other posts… I don’t know? We know things are bad, worse than bad… We need to know what to do about it!!!!

I’m bored of waxing my board ; I’m looking out for the tsunami….

…Serfs Up!!!


~ There are no conspiracies ; Guy Fawkes acted alone, right! ~

2. James - April 18, 2010

Feedthemoon, my apologies for addressing you as Mark? Don’t know where that came from? Maybe because I feel like one!? This ‘sting’ we’re in isn’t good entertainment ;-j

feedthemoon - April 18, 2010

I’m waxing my board too (and that’s not a euphanism), but I’m gonna surf the cosmic wave that’s reportedly a-coming (well, you never know!)
What do we do about it? I think the best policy is to disengage with a wry smile upon one’s face, avoid television news (ie propaganda); and remember that we are sovereign beings being coerced into global form of feudalism, that can only work with our cooperation and dumb compliance.

In the meantime, I plan to make mildly satirical observations, and resist the temptation take pot-shots from a rooftop.
Take care mate,
Steve (or Mark, if you prefer)

3. James - April 21, 2010

yep. Waxing lyrical with a little help from friends (imagine no possessions, the Pirate Party can’t) ; don’t miss the bikini line on the way to Waterloo (and that’s not a euphuism) ; I think we’re on the same page. Can you hear the muffled shriek of Jimmy? I can’t!? The cosmic wave, it’s a sine, it’s a sine!! As you say, exactly ; you never know! An ancient exception may yet prove the rule of cosmic comic law.

Have Mac Magazine made the nedessary parody yet? [suc & suc again]. I’m looking out for W is for Wanker ;-B That could go down like a house on fire 😐

Any flies on us? Shouldn’t be, not while we’re in a ‘no-fly zone’!?? What!??

There’s only one true proper gander, ‘ave a damn good P@’s (and I don’t mean Jennings) for yerself(s), gor blimey! Jeepers Creepers peeps!! Ewe see owt? Bung the eu too, th@’s thru. Em&En rools in this Scrabble®© of infotainment. Caxton is pixul@ed, we shall not be capitul@ed, capiche? I see no ship, tho something smells strange… Senses working over|time². Peter Parker packs a punch….Aunt May or may not get a PM……whom is sending what to where?

Lo! From the myriad t-bag of confusion comes a thought to clarify, monkeysocks.

I am what I am, not what I’m told I am. Each to their own with regard and respect to the other. We are one and we are many.


Keep ’em peeled friend,
; j

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