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Howard Jacobson yesterday applauded the BBC’s decision to rush forward with a season of Holocaust-related films. Mark Thompson, director General of the BBC commented: ‘It was my wife who gave me the idea. We both felt that it was neccessary to remind people of the terrible suffering of the Jewish people 60-odd years ago. The decision was hastily green-lit in order to counteract growing anti-semiticism following Israel’s accidental murder by paintguns of a handful of pro-Palestinian ‘aid-workers’ – he pointedly made  inverted commas in the air with his fingers to illustrate the last two words of his statement. 

Howard Jacobson author of 'Only Our Pain Hurts'.

Howard Jacobson, journalist for The Independent raged against ‘self-loathing Jews’ who have taken to the streets literally in their dozens to criticize the Israeli government, but he also found time to praise the BBC:

‘The season, I’m told will start with the dramatisation of ‘The Diary of Ann Frank’, which if memory serves me well, was last shown during the bombardment of Gaza in 2009.  The BBC has shown great sensitivity to the belleagured Jewish peoples in their programming, and I think they should be applauded.  I hope that they will also show my latest documentary, narrated by the wonderful Adam Sandler, which depicts the ongoing struggle of Jews to break into the Hollywood caste-system.’ 

The Diary of Ann Frank will appear as part of the BBC’s ‘Don’t You dare Forget’ season in late June. ‘Goy-wood’ by Howard Jacobson is due for release in July.



1. phil panton - July 7, 2010

What a disgusting cynical ploy by the BBC, whose news programmes have descended into a dumbed down farce. Perhaps this time people are really wising up.
Jacobsen should be sacked, I might even read the Independant again.

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