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Following George W Bush’s sensational revelation that when he was a teenage boy his mother showed him her fetus in a jar, some leading experts are now asking the question: Was this part of an ongoing system of trauma-based mind control?

'Hello Georgie - fancy a game of 'cards'?

The former president and keen waterboarder would not however confirm or deny rumours that Barbara Bush had fondly referred to her 3 political sons: George W; Jeb and Neil Bush as her ‘little axis of evil’.

The Bush family 'axis of evil

As to whether George W’s consequent struggle with alcohol and narcotics had anything to do with the whole ‘fetus in a jar incident’, no one can really say. But as proffesor Yakult the eminent professor of psychology at UCBA was at pains to point out yesterday, it is also a matter of record that Dubbya was  forced to masturbate in a coffin at Yale while his father looked down on him – so maybe he had a smorgasboard of reasons to hit the hooch and cocaine before finding God.




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