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Following on from her acclaimed Panorama documentary which blew the lid on the so-called Israeli attack on the ‘ peace flotilla”, Jane Corbin has fearlessly produced another sterling defence of Israel.

Corbin with violent and untrustworthy Palestinians: 'I wore a stab-vest the whole time; you never know with those people.'

Corbin said of the upcoming documentary: ‘I was shocked to find out that in all likelihood the Palestinians themselves attacked the convoy, in order to make Israel look nasty to the world’.   

Jane Corbin also defended herself against accusations of bias:

‘Listen, I spent over three months talking to Israeli politicians and army generals: They all told me the same thing: ‘Hamas attacked the flotilla; we kept it quiet for the sake of the peace process; but we have to tell the truth now’. It’s obvious they were very emotional about it; I didn’t doubt their sincerity for one moment: But in the interests of even-handedness; loathesome as it is, I had to talk to ‘the other lot’ as well; so it was on with the stab-vest and I spent a very unpleasant afternoon in one of their rubble-strewn ghettos.  They all clambered round, telling me about Israeli oppression; Israeli violence; yada-yada – but there was one question kept niggling at me: Why hasn’t Hamas released any footage of them not attacking the flotilla?’




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