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Once upon a time the cheeky, raffish cockney could be spied the length and breadth of Olde London;  tourists would flock to observe their buckle-legged-cock-a-knee dancing; delighting in the trademark salty language and cheerful con-artistry which made the cockney so beloved.

So it is seems rather odd that when journeying through Lambeth, or Balham, or Bow today;  you are more likely to spy a Swahilian juggler; or a Peruvian pan-piper; than you are to catch a glimse of the raffish cockney so beloved of legend.

1937, London's East End: A common cockney embarks upon it's trademark saucy dance. Sixty years later and the cockney has all but disappeared.

 Some experts blame the cockney’s inherent unwillingness to mix with other breeds for their flight to the hinterlands of Essex and Kent; others blame the Thatcherite lure of council house buy-ups in the 1980’s; But there may be a more disqueting reason for the disappearance of the London Cockney:

Cockneys were notorious for their 'inherent lack of respect toward authority' says ex- Metropolitan police Commissioner Terry Grimmage

Terry Grimmage was Metroplitan police Commisioner in the 1960’s, he suggested that by-and-large the cockneys were an uncontrollable rabble who needed removing. 

Terry Grimmage: 'They was arsey buggers; it was simply easier to "out-source them" - it was the only way to usher in a New World Order.'

‘There was always a suspicion that they wouldn’t put up with CCTV and oyster-cards and congestion-charging and the general harrasment of the populace’ explained a grim-faced Grimmage; Look, it’s so much easier to control a populace who know they can be deported if they put a foot wrong: Hence mass immigration into the capital.  Plus there was the added bonus of non-unionized-low-paid labour. Everyone’s a winner!’

‘Except the cockney’ I ventured.

‘Bollocks to the cockney!’ He said.  ‘Just look at the standards of cuisine since they moved out.  There’s been a tremendous improvement. Tremendous. -I mean, have you ever TRIED jellied-eels?’

London: a vibrant multi-cultural melting-pot.

Old London: Historians say cockneys largely existed on a diet of jellied-eels and beer. And tripe.






1. feedthemoon - June 2, 2012

Reblogged this on Feedthemoon's Blog and commented:

In light of the world’s spotlight soon-to-fall on London, it seemed a good time to repost this offering regarding the etnic displacement of the native Londoner (ie. the common cockney)

2. James Soapy Watson - May 22, 2015

Time ago, word ‘as it the West brothers, John and Fred, gone an’ dun a deal with the MoD on a big Cockney tinning operation. They was stitched up like kippers. That Eric Pickles, who at the time was supplying Battersea Dogs Home with ‘horsemeat’, as he called it, was mentioned an’ all, so…sum mighta ended up in jars or sumthin’? Gotta run now guv…lamb bhuna in the oven……you ain’t seen me, right! ;-j

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