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by Justin Tipper (Lifestyle Correspondent)

Thanks to Wikileaks – it now seems  those exhausting days spent waiting for the Reuters News Wire to tell us what to write about, are long gone. 

Journalist: Until recently had to spend tedious hours waiting for the Rothschilds to tell him what to think.

Personally speaking, rather than sitting upon my hands, waiting for the latest version of world events to come though; I like to wander round the silent newsroom; and on occasion I’ll even have a chin-wag with one of the sad-eyed near-retirees; the one or two ex-Fleet Street ‘ghosts’ still remaining. I particularly like hearing about the ‘bad old days’, when journos like me would actually have to go outside (into the world itself); and not only dig out background facts; but actually talk FIRST-HAND to people – can you imagine! It seems the Fleet Street guys were more like Private Investigators than journalists – no wonder there were so few ‘Personal Lifestyle’ pieces back then: Though personally I find it disqueting trying to imagine a newspaper not featuring some smug middle-class git leaning against his own typewritten name whilst feigning a look of mild perplexion with the world: Whatsmore I find it completely disturbing trying to imagine a weekend paper without priviliged arseholes like Giles Coren ranting about the quality of butchered kosher game-meat in Holland Park. 

Giles Coren: Admittedly a twat, but can we really magine a world without his personal crusading?

What wiki-gate (as I imaginatively call it) has taught us, if anything – is that in the near-future we may no longer be quite so reliant upon ‘Lifestyle journalism’ or indeed celebrity gossip.  Plus it turns out, the actual leaked documents kind of confirm our opinion-pieces anyway, so quids in! 

Let’s bomb Iran!

Journalists reporting on celebrities eating pig-brain on live television - a thing of the past?



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