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A call went out yesterday for hackers of the world to unite against a common enemy: The New World Order. In the minds of these hackers the NWO incorporates financial institutions; oligarchies and puppet-governments worldwide.  This was the major theme of the Hacked Off Convention that I attended.

It was widely accepted amongst attendees that this 2-day Hackers convention had been, as so often is the case, infiltrated by numerous representatives of government agencies and undercover police. 

The hackers apparently manage to identify the corporate shills by a sensor-device that measures the tightness of an individual’s sphincter. ‘If it’s really tight’, a guy called Wormhole told me, ‘we know for certain they work for the government.’

The Rimmer 5000: detects the torsity and tension of the human sphincter.

‘Okay, and then what do you do?’  I asked of the cyber-geek.

‘We surround them, pen them in.’

‘You in effect “kettle” them?’

‘That’s right. Give them a tiny taste of their own medicine.’ Wormhole let out a strange laugh at this:


Wormhole: 'Let's attack government with a virtual worm!'

‘Do you think physical protest-marching is dead?’

‘It’s only a matter of time before they bring out the water-cannons and sound weapons:  Cyber-space is how we can attack them where it hurts.  After all: Look at the IRA: -Thirty years of car-bombs and guerilla-warfare against the British: stalemate. Then, they bomb the financial centre of London, do like a billion pounds of damage: It’s suddenly peace at all costs. Hit them where it hurts.’

‘So your advocating a bomb?’

‘I’m advocating a worm.’

I wasn’t sure if I’d heard him right: ‘Did you say a worm?’

‘A virtual worm’ he replied, before erupting once more into his trademark geek-laugh:


Then a sharp alarm sounded from somewhere behind us:

‘Oops, that’s the Rimmer 5000 – I’m off to kettle some cops’.

Then he was away.



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