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America denies the use of controversial white (and pink) phosphorous in the liberation

The Bay-of-Pigs style invasion came as a complete shock to residents and hoteliers in the Lancashire seaside-haven of Blackpool. Many were yesterday asking, why on earth would America invade Blackpool of all places?  For their part, the Americans have thusfar given few reasons, although one U.S. General hinted at regime-change being the over-riding factor. 

It is known that Max Beasley, Mayor of Blackpool is something of a control-freak, but the equivalent of Sadaam Hussein?  It seems a stretch to most people.

One woman who wished to remain anonymous confided, ‘Folks round here do call the City hall ‘Beasley’s palace’, but it’s quite affectionate really; however he did lose a lot of support over the new ring-road plans, but an invasion seems a bit stiff.’

U.S. troops finally secure Beasley's Palace.

One unnamed Blackpool resident shook his head as he told me, ‘it’s been a heck of a week really; first the announcement that they’ve found huge gas deposits off the Blackpool coast, now this sudden invasion by the Americans! It’s crazy, and it’s not like the two things are even related in any way!’

Latest reports indicate Beasley, the ex- Mayor of Blackpool, has now gone to ground.  The US allies have stated that anyone who has any information on the former dictator’s whereabouts should contact them at the City hall, immediately.



1. roberto - January 4, 2011

I saw this one coming…

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