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A leading think-tank yesterday described David Cameron’s vision of a Big Society as little more than ‘a steaming, stinking pile of horse-shit, cunningly disguised as a delicate French pastry’.

Cunningly disguised French pastry

Ian Donaldson, head of the government commsioned think-tank, Horus,  believes Cameron’s ‘vision’ is ‘little more than a trojan horse, utilised to conceal the same old plundering of public services’. 

‘David Cameron’ he added. ‘ is yet another Chicago-school neo-liberal puppet of the Illuminati, which means in the UK there are now three main political parties who all believe in exactly the same policies:  By stealth, and via various trojan horses, they ALL wish to hand everything; literally EVERYTHING over to the private sector; and charge us  via ever increasing taxes; taxes which were originally introduced to pay for the very Public Services they are all hell-bent on selling off: essentially, they are robbing the poor to pay the rich. And then they charge the poor for the privilege of being robbed.  And then they increase the charge for being robbed, and introduce fines for those who fall behind on their robbery-charge payments.

This, is the Big Society of which multi-millionaire-married-into-the-mega-wealthy-Astor-family-David Cameron sees as his great vision.  To my mind there’s only one way to win back democracy in Great Britain.  But I won’t say what it is.



1. James Soapy Watson - May 22, 2015

Holmes! What does he mean!? We must investigate! He can’t just not say and leave us . . . . . . . like THIS?! ;-j

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