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Al Qaeda were little more than a disparate band of US trained brigands when they were first plucked from relative obscurity.

Yet, under the brilliant tutelage of charismatic and enigmatic Zbigniew Brzezinski they were swiftly and brilliantly formed into a genuine global supergroup in1989 .

'Zig' meets with soon-to-be charismatic front-man ,Osama Bin Laden (aka 'Tim Osman')

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine back in 1999, Bin Laden (lead vocalist and driving force of Al Qaeda) had this to say of his first meeting with ‘Zig’ Brzezinski:

Rolling Stone interview, 1999

‘I guess every mega-star has to make some sort of a deal with the devil; I knew exactly what kinda guy Zig was right from the get-go, but you have to understand; we were hungry for success and acclaim, and we knew he was the man to get us that.  Man, those early gigs – you have to remember back then we were still known as mujahideen – they were seriously heavy man, the soviet crowds – they were just—-whoah! –Out there!’

Bin Laden with his trusted-roadie 'Buzz' Lepman - some have alleged Lepman was a CIA double-agent

Looking at their meteroric rise to fame, it’s tempting to draw comparisons between Al Qaeda and The Beatles.

Back in the 60’s, The Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute;

-Nineties and Noughties Supergroup Al Qaeda were the creation of the clever marketing guru, Zig Brezizinski.

The so-called Beatles-led British invasion was a completely manufactured phenomena aided by the CIA;

 -9/11 (Bin laden’s much-heralded ‘cracking of the American market’) was also supported, funded, and largely carried out by the CIA. 

Whatever the similarities may be, it is, however, an unavoidable fact that Al Qaeda have never quite lived up to the shock-factor of their stunning 2001 ‘breakthrough’, and with the charismatic force of Bin Laden now a fading memory, they seem happy to be just constantly on the road, pausing only to regurgitate the same, tired-out old tunes,which now seem to us like mere facsimilies; pale imitations: an endless re-hashing of familiar songs.

It seems the time is ripe for Al Qaeda  to re-establish contact with Brzezinski and the CIA; after all,  it certainly seems they could do ‘with a little help from their friends’ right now.



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