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Peaches Geldof with Diet Coke: She claims the Aspartame helps keep her mind sharp.

PEACHES:   ‘Okay, Prime Minister, right – let me ask you: do you, like, text-message and stuff?’

P.M.              ‘Well I do as a matter of fact, especially if I’m stuck in an important’-

PEACHES:   ‘Okay, okay, and do you, like, use Skype?’

CAMERON:    ‘Erm’-

PEACHES:      ‘And, right – do you, like, have a Facebook account?’

CAMERON:    ‘Well, obviously there’s an official governmental’–

PEACHES:      ‘And do you go on twitter. do you tweet? I’m like soo hooked on Twitter; I’m like the queen of tweeting or something: I’m, like, Queen Nepha-tweety!’

CAMERON:    ‘I see.’

PEACHES:      ‘And you know Libya, right?

CAMERON:   ‘Er- yes.’

PEACHES:     ‘You said it’s a no-fly-zone, yeah?  So how come you’re bombing the shit out of the ground?’

CAMERON:   ‘To protect the air?’

PEACHES:     ‘OH- MY-GOD:  That’s like SO surreal.’

CAMERON:   ‘Not really, if you’-

PEACHES:     ‘And also, right: how can you liberate people by bombing them?  That’s kinda like punching an innocent person in the face to teach the school bully a lesson isn’t it?’

CAMERON:   ‘Look-‘

PEACHES:     ‘-And then stamping them to death to make sure the bully understands.’

CAMERON:   ‘If I could just’-

PEACHES:     ‘Okay, the text-messages have been flying in for you. Seriously, they’re like, LITERALLY flying in:  Okay, okay: The first message is from a guy called…Matt.’

CAMERON:   ‘okay, Hi Matt.’

PEACHES:     ‘And he says:  ‘Prime Minister—-how do you sleep at night?’

CAMERON:    ‘Oh, just —fuck off!



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