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Surviving canaanites say THEIR holy book proclaims the land of Canaa to be rightfully theirs.

A leading Rabbi yesterday labelled Cananite claims to the land of Israel as ‘ridiculous’. 

He further criticised the legitimacy of the Canaanite’s desire to return to their supposed holy land, by adding:  ‘to stake a claim to any land on the basis of a spurious holy book!  It’s complete and total bubkis!’

Regarding the ancient genocide of the Canaanites, he explained: ‘The ancient Hebrews only carried out the massacre of the Canaanites because God told them to.’
‘Are you saying they were just following orders?’, asked one reporter.
‘Yes I am’ replied the Rabbi, without a trace of irony. 


1. Maiden PEI - May 9, 2011

Who are these Cananites that are making claims to Israel?

Isn’t that just what the Jews are doing, staking their claim on Israel on the basis of their Holy book?????


2. jack - May 9, 2011

So, today’s Israeli genocide trying to steal others land isn’t the first!

feedthemoon - May 10, 2011

I hear the Essene’s are making a bid for the ‘Holy Land’ too; the druids have a good case to lay claim to England; and the sheep say they have a right to representation in the Welsh Assembly!

3. chip oliver - May 9, 2011

So shocking to find the world is corrupted. I have always believed in Santa. The double whammy institutions [Marriage and the Family] are also tantamount to sacred writ where one person agrees to be diminished by the duties imposed and agreed to under license of state agency. Remember that taking out a licensing permit is agreeing to arbitrage. Kiss yer Ace goodbye. Does anyone read these blurbs or care? Just askin…

Maiden PEI - May 10, 2011

I read these blurbs…

…and yes, I care.

Here, here’s a hug “( )”…just for you. 🙂


4. scj7129 - May 10, 2011

Missing Link Found!…..


These purported god(s) were only the figment of the smoke and the mirrors within their minds. The only record we have is the “written” record of the transaction.

I fail to understand how smoke can dictate laws.

feedthemoon - May 10, 2011

Well, there’s no smoke without fire!

5. ROBBY (Ben-Astor) (Nee-Eichmann) DANIEL... - March 15, 2012

America already exports a first class brand new (sic) humane execution drug suitable for the execution or euthanasia death of criminal & innocent victim alike from it’s highly profitable new poppy fields in Afghanistan & it’s called ‘HEROIN’ so what’s all the big Hoo-Har for apart from the media distraction…


On a more altruistic subject as a biological descendent of Norman Conqueror Jews who themselves secretly trace their descent from the 3 Diaspora I’d like Israel to declare a bloody border anywhere it wishes near the new ‘WALL OF BERLIN’ (sic) & pay full compensation for land & water since 67′ as well as place a 3 lane underground Hwy between Gaza & the West Bank for a functioning two state system but then I’d also like Madonna Cicione to clean my flat in her bra & panties…

Both would be nice but NOT that likely Huh?

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