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Dixon of Cock Green: 21st century cop, PC Simon Harwood used 'reasonable force' to protect the banks and franchised corporations from a middle-aged man uncertain on his feet who was walking away.


Welcome To Tescoland: Police protect helpless corporate giant against ‘a violent minority who want local businesses to remain’

It seems in this new profit-motive Big society, investigating petty crime and burglary is a thing of the past: ‘Quite simply there’s no profit-motive in it’ admitted Bristol’s Chief Inspector Harry Shepherd yesterday.  That’s why you’re nowadays most likely to see a bobby issuing fines rather than walking the beat.  To put it bluntly, we have to turn a profit.’  In Bristol he has plans to roll-out on-the-spot fines for soon-to-be-specified offences, such as: ‘wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area’. And it doesn’t stop there, Shepherd reckons the skies the limit when it comes to fleecing the general public: ‘In Great Yarmouth they recently issued a £50 fine to a fourteen-year-old  when he was spotted driving without due care and attention whilst playing crazy-golf.  That’s the kind of initiative we’re after’ he said.  

And what of those people injured whilst fighting against yet another Tesco’s metro in their bohemian neighbourhood?  

‘Collateral damage’ he answered succinctly.



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