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Apparently Navy Seals have shot and killed Mustafa Al-Barabi in a fire-fight in Eastern Pakistan.

Al Barabi- apparently used a small child as a human-shield before wetting himself and praying for forgiveness. He was shot 5 times.

However a spokesman for the US Special Forces confirmed there is unlikely to be any evidence of the latest high-profile ‘hit’  in the near-future:

 ‘In accordance with Muslim law’, Terry Mcmanaman told a press conference, ‘ we immediately jettisoned the body into space, and we won’t be releasing  any footage of the incident , to avoid reprocussions. However what I can tell you is this: Al Barabi was planning on hitting major airports and play-creches across America with sophisticated biological devices. ‘

Despite these completely believable assurances, the Presidents’ team is fullyexpecting a rash of fresh ‘conspiracy theories’ to pop-up on the unregulated internet.  ‘It’s the price we have to pay I’m afraid’ sighed one Presidential aide.
But I, for one will sleep a little easier in my bed tonight, in the knowledge that a man I’d never heard of has been shot five times and jettisoned into space. 
God bless America. 


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