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THE DICK (tator) May 25, 2012

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Zionist mocks Muslims. Again.

When we first join Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest ‘hilarious’ creation, Aladeen, we learn he is ‘…enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb and is resolutely anti-West’  -Hmmmm – ring any bells?

Here’s three examples of some of the ‘hilariously politically incorrect’ scenarios dreamt-up by the ‘genius’ that is Sacha Baron Cohen:

1) a prolonged scene in which Aladeen loses his mobile phone in a labouring woman’s vagina (hilarious!)

2) A wonderfully-judged scene in which Aladeen’s sidekick reminds him in detail of his penchant for raping weeping 14-year-old boys (LOL!)

3) A hilarious scene in which Aladeen, suspended between two skyscrapers on a zip-line, must defecate onto passers-by to save the day.


Thumbs-up for racial-stereotyping! -Cohen’s utterly hilarious potrayal of an incestuous Muslim.




1. James Soapy Watson - May 22, 2015

Not sure what to make of what you’ve presented here. SBC’s material, whether one finds it humourous or not, is certainly challenging either way. How does one know where he’s coming from? I mean, who is he really taking the piss at. Is he simply belittling those of other cultures and fortifying dreadful propaganda, or is he having a go at ridiculing those who really do propagate such in real life?

He’s cringingly funny, yet so is Coogan’s Alan Partridge. Cohen is playing racism and other semi-taboo subjects outrageously with a frighteningly astounding ineptitude, in a way that Partridge might only coyly or somewhat covertly flirt with and not be such a tremendous assault on the senses!! I think they both take people out of their comfort zone, only the intensity bears little comparison.

I should say, I haven’t seen the Aladeen character yet, but I am familiar with Borat. Oh yeah…and Tony Benn! Has to be said, Mr. B was just so real on the Ali G show that time. SBC wasn’t used to his guests vaporising his bs with such ease ; the raasclart had to wind it in and give proper respect to Tony Benn lol

Thanks for a most thought provoking presentation, Steve. It’s been a little different for me this one…that’s got to be ‘good’ at least, cheers ;-j

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