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June 2, 2012

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In light of the soon-to-arrive-in London Olympic Games, it seemed a good time to repost this offering regarding the ethnic displacement of the native Londoner (ie. the common cockney)

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Once upon a time the cheeky, raffish cockney could be spied the length and breadth of Olde London;  tourists would flock to observe their buckle-legged-cock-a-knee dancing; delighting in the trademark salty language and cheerful con-artistry which made the cockney so beloved.

So it is seems rather odd that when journeying through Lambeth, or Balham, or Bow today;  you are more likely to spy a Swahilian juggler; or a Peruvian pan-piper; than you are to catch a glimse of the raffish cockney so beloved of legend.

 Some experts blame the cockney’s inherent unwillingness to mix with other breeds for their flight to the hinterlands of Essex and Kent; others blame the Thatcherite lure of council house buy-ups in the 1980’s; But there may be a more disqueting reason for the disappearance of the London Cockney:

Terry Grimmage was Metroplitan police Commisioner in the 1960’s, he suggested that by-and-large the cockneys were an uncontrollable rabble who needed removing. 

‘There was always a suspicion…

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