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One of the big news stories here in the UK at the moment surrounds a recently-deceased kids TV Presenter – amidst much media brouhaha he has suddenly and ‘shockingly’ been exposed as a predatory career-paedophile. The biggest shock of this story, however, has been that other well-known celebrities, who all the time knew of his unfettered penchant for young girls, were so concerned about their own careers that, over a period of three decades, they neglected to expose him. One such celebrity, Esther Rantzen was the inspiration for and the very public face of Child-line, an abuse hotline for kids. –Thus it is becoming self-evident that in this tawdry world of surface sparkle, even acts that once seemed selfless are tarnished. I am constantly reminded of the quote from Terence McKenna:

Culture is not your friend .

Indeed. For as terrible and depressing as all this is, it is also very telling – it is merely one manifestation of the Predator-Culture that is endemic throughout and very probably essential to, what we are laughingly told is our civilised society.
Maybe McKenna’s words need a little tweak:

Civilisation is not your friend.

For this must be the lesson learnt, surely: that Civilisation is in and of itself, predatory. It relies upon war and plunder. Whether it be the great cathedrals to vain gods or the temples to mammon: they are all built upon the subjugation and misery of others. And the cakes and circuses that are utilised to dull the minds and shackle the spirits are now poisoning the very minds and bodies of the Citizens. It’s like a parody of the last days of Rome.

And talking of Rome, a few weeks back I was lucky to pay a visit to the wonderful self-proclaimed Eternal City.
Whilst I was, of course, amazed at the sheer size and grandeur of The Colloseum and the once-great Port of Ostia Attica, I was also equally amazed by the sheer scale of many of the American tourists who visited there.
Truly it seemed to me, there is a new race emerging: they are bloated, barely mobile manifestations of a culture that stuffs itself upon the modern-day plunder and subjugation of other cultures, and are truly a sight to behold. Trust me, they are a new breed of human, seemingly in the process of eating themselves to death; engorging themselves simply because they can.
It seems a perfect metaphor for the Predator Culture which their country so enthusiastically embraces.

At the beginning of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita there is an opening shot of a statue of Jesus Christ being airlifted over the great Italian City. Nowadays it would be more apt to shoot the sequence featuring a 20-stone American tourist being airlifted over Rome, the perhaps the soon-to-be only option left to them should they actually desire to go see the sites.

Of course, I am aware that these grossly overweight tourists are not representative of their nation’s citizens as a whole: Rather they are emblematic of something far greater: America’s slow and ugly descent into unfettered self-indulgence; and its inevitable soon-to-occur ultimate demise. They are merely perfect manifestations of the current Empire Supreme which has fed for so long upon the misery of half-the-world. The fact that airliners are now compelled to fix larger seats in order to accommodate this new breed of Super-Size-Me-Junk-Consumer is a mere symptom of a far wider problem (if you’ll pardon the pun). The Super Fatties are victims too: Victims of poisoned, non-nutritious, highly addictive foods. Victims too, of a society that is based purely upon consumption and acquisition. – Surely they are totems, portents of an Empire waddling into its final phase (whereupon, inevitably, the Great Parasite ultimately and fatally feeds upon itself).

And yet, millions of us are now belatedly realising that we don’t have to go down with the sinking-ship, we don’t have to embrace this predator culture – a culture in which creatures devoid of any semblance of empathy feed off the misery of ill-educated and otherwise forgotten people.
By way of illustration, take a look at this clip to remind yourself of the abhorrent nature and predatory instincts inherent in our so-called mainstream news.

Notice the way the so-called journalist’s only instinct is the opportunity for what she believes to be one of those Television Golden Moments; she is completely devoid of any empathy for the poor people who are already beside themselves with grief and worry. She was by all accounts completely wrong-footed by the Twitter-storm that engulfed her following this predatory interview. People were outraged that the child’s murder should be exploited in such a way. But this clip now exists as a perfect representation of the media predator.

–The beast is essentially a feeding thing. Oh yes, it has many faces, all of them human, and it has endearing manners as well. But those human graces are a camouflage born of necessity – they are the disguise that enables the beast to prevail
– Barbara E. Hort – Unholy Hungers (Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves and Others).

The culture of news media (from whence Kay Burley was spawned) regularly reinforces the notion of the feckless Underclass, reporting only upon their existence in relation to their burden upon our great and good society. As the system slowly collapses in upon itself, it is not the true instigators of the collapse – the financial robber-barons – who are being targeted by our fearless reporters, but the recipients of the Welfare State; gleefully depicted by the so-called journalists as a great drain upon our otherwise perfect society – and yet: when a child murder has been committed in their midst, Kay Burley and her media Predator Drones gleefully descend upon their housing estates, trampling all over their tiny gardens in the hope of the best grief-shot. If that’s not predatory, I don’t know what is.
It’s become so obvious now that millions are opting out of the Predator Culture.
The Myth of Civilisation is broken.
The age of the Predator is done, just like Jimmy Saville and the myth surrounding him is now done. He perhaps perfectly exemplified the false-projection of cultivated celebrity, the true tawdriness behind the bling and baubles.
And the lesson is this:
If we allow ourselves to be created and shaped by others, we cannot complain when they mold us according to their own predatory needs. The result of their moldings will inevitably be ugly, comic, and grotesque.
Our Civilisation is now filled with pale-imitators, predators and grotesques – and yet….
..It is also filled with brilliant, unique beings whose pure originality far exceeds the pouting, preening prima-donnas who regularly fill our screens.
It bears repeating over and over again that salvation cannot be found externally, salvation can only come from within.
As Thomas Szaz so rightly put it:
The Self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.



1. sistertongue - October 10, 2012

The part about obese people being just victims is, unfortunately, part of the paradigm of entitlement/victimhood that westerners, particularly americans, just love to hide behind. It also assumes that they are just dumb, stupid sheep. I think we need to set our sights on taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices and not just buying into that outdated excuse system by colluding with the “victim” mentality that so quickly descends when people are called to question their actions and motivations.

Same with the interview. The interviewees could have easily chosen to walk away from the interviewer.

Let’s set our sights and expectations of each other a wee bit higher than the kindergarten level of maturity we’ve been practicing for far too long.

feedthemoon - October 10, 2012

sistertongue – I couldn’t agree more – there is a victim mentality here and it is infantile. I did edit out a lot about the overweight tourists for fear it sounded too cruel. I also agree with your interviewees observation. It is incredible that people nowadays simply allow the media to trample all over their privacy – it’s the modern-day equivalent of doffing your cap to the Landowner.
People have surrendered their sovereignties to the predator class. If only they would realise they can just say no, or in the case of Kay Burley (the interviewer), a simple f**k off’ would perhaps be more appropriate.

2. zole - October 11, 2012

Write on !

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