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'Hello Georgie - fancy a game of 'cards'?

‘Hello Georgie – fancy a game of ‘cards’?

For those who have placed their faith in the machine – these are trying times.
The narrative is fracturing and splintering: the world seems unfathomable and random, brutal and bafflingly just plain wrong – and it is wrong of course, but for these people it is best not to question why it is wrong, best not to even attempt to lay the blame at the door of those whose task it is to supposedly serve us, to govern our affairs.
And weirdly, these same people who bemoan the state of the world do not wish to seek answers as to why exactly everything seems to be so consistently falling apart.

Quite simply, the people who resolutely trust in -and thus enable- the machine, well, they are being traumatised – and ironically, they still keep looking to their positioned leaders to guide their emotions – despite the fact that their leaders are quite obviously emotionless self-serving beings. Witness Obama’s amazing tearless crying in response to the latest (possibly programmed) massacre:

Not a dry eye in the house: well, apart from President Obama’s resolutely dry-eyes obviously; for this is what the ‘believers’ refuse to see – that the men and women of power can only ape the basic human emotions of empathy. It plays well with the public; it helps their political standing, and that is the bottom-line. -Nothing else.

But the real questions that should be asked of this terrible shooting are not asked. Once again, the narrative is fixed, and not one so-called journalist in the Western World can be bothered to ask what anti-psychotic meds these ‘lone-gunmen’ are all on; none can be bothered to even track down their therapists (who at the very least have evidently done a pretty shitty job of helping these troubled kids); so god forbid we even go down the route of Mind-controlled assassins – that’s la-la land, the province of loopy conspiracy-theorists – best to stick with the cliché-ridden ‘official reports’ that ask no questions, that provide no answers – best to trust to television reporters who descend en masse like a parasitical swarm upon the scenes of tragedy, and who, to a man and woman offer the same lazy platitudes in their own feeble approximations of human empathy.

Don’t ask questions.

And if these questions go unasked, then what hope is there?
And why are the deaths of some children so readily termed ‘tragedies’ and yet the deaths of other children simply ignored?
As Voltaire so famously said: ‘those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities’ -well, maybe we, ourselves don’t personally commit atrocities, but we certainly condone them when we unthinkingly support the murderous regimes who govern us – for as many have pointed out, why are no tears shed for the brown-skinned children who are systematically torn apart by remotely-guided drone rockets in impoverished lands? It seems that State-sanctioned acts of terror are acceptable – regrettable yes, but necessary –to those who don’t question at least.

Finally, with all the talk of mass-shootings and violent video-games, I was reminded of a piece of grotesque television that was broadcast a few years back. It was presented by the eternally-pleased with himself mind-magician, Derren Brown. In this clip he quite merrily traumatises a young man by sending him into a trance via an arcade game, and getting him to shoot so-called real-life ‘zombies’: A perfect illustration of how to create a mind-controlled assassin? —



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