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THE DEATH REVERSAL CORPORATION (excerpt) January 6, 2013

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I know that they’ve retrieved high-profile people before. Apparently the technology – albeit in a crude form, has been around since the mid 1960’s – in fact there is a persistent rumour that the very first Celebrity retrieval was none other than Paul McCartney back in ’67.
Seems the Conspiracy-theorists were right about the car-crash – except he wasn’t replaced by a doppelganger – rather, the Tavistock Institute who had developed the first chair, in collusion with some shadowy State Agency somehow managed to send a Shaman successfully over to retrieve him.
The mission was a great success by all accounts. The Fab Four were reunited and everything was fine with Macca – barring a few technical blips, which would manifest years later in aberrations such as The Frog Chorus and Silly Love Songs….
That first Retriever has since become the stuff of legend, an almost mythical figure within the DRC. Problem was, he went and died a year later, in 1968. And despite their best efforts, Tavistock never found a capable replacement. After sitting empty decade after decade, eventually DRC (The De Reiss Corporation – later nick-named The Death Retrieval Corporation by recruits) acquired the chair in1995, or thereabouts. They spent a good fifteen years scouring the earth for potential retrievers – Psychics mainly, but also Shamans – at least those they could locate in the last few pockets left on earth that had not been cleared by the rampant Bulldozers of Civilisation. Yet all were either unwilling or unable to retrieve souls.
And it seemed the fate of Tavistock would be revisited upon DRC, until…they found me.

*The Death Reversal Corporation and it’s sequel: Limousines of The Gods will be published soon*



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