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Joe Biden sighs and looks away, muttering: ‘there must be something more …. I dunno… something we should be doing?’ —- Meanwhile Lenny Klein (the Whitehouse Photographer)snaps another of his trademark ‘Man of Decision’ photographs.
Note that President Obama has this time opted for the casual, shirtsleeves diplomacy-image, as witnessed by him placing a foot upon the walnut desk whilst faking a conversation with the speaking clock.
The poiny finger across the crotch intimates that President Obama is the alpha male here; directing the conversation which basically consists of him saying inane phrases like:
‘Get me all that intel on the build-up and movement of all hydro-plane weaponry’… and, ‘Have the secret agents wire it via satellite to our safe-receivers in Iron Mountain —- we’ll see what the boys in High Intel Ops make of the chatter’ —- and, ‘See if we can get some ears on the ground via the circus in Turkey-Stan’—
As he utters these phrases for the camera, meanwhile the voice on the other end intones:
‘At the third stroke it will be three thiry four and fifty seconds – [beep, beep, beep}’—–

In the background is a famous photo of a bombed minarette in Aleppo, Syria (presented To Joe Biden, in June 2013 by the Israeli foreign minister);
The photo bears the inscription:’The plan is ready for fruition, let us pray the bitter fruit takes root, lots of love, Avi )



1. James Soapy Watson - September 4, 2013

Take that freaking foot ….OFF THE FURNITURE!!!

Whhhaat the….! That cup and saucer….no coaster!!

….sheeessh…these people really don’t a give a flying fuck (unless it’s a drone of(f) course).

Play that banjo Stevo ☼ ;-j

feedthemoon - September 4, 2013

I know what you mean: shoe on the table like that! No manners. — I firmly believe that following the photo op, Obama went back to circling the Oval office on his tricycle

2. James Soapy Watson - September 4, 2013

Crash – Bang – Wallop!!! It really IS such a dickhead shot. Unbelievably phallic. What a pistol packing Papa the grate [sic] man is!!! Mucho gaspo!!

Yup, the ‘pistol’ fingers close to his hammond. He’s not Johnny Rotton or Johnny Bristol, he’s not even Johnny Reggae. The way the wall picture image correlates to the angle of Uncle Tom’s raised upper legge…geeee man, this should become a famous iconic photo…I really mean that, not joshing.

It’s pathetic, in a different way to the napalmed naked running girl in Nam. It makes me weep, quite literally. Yet the mentality of this BS picture shows the horror of the facade, the stupidity of the so called Leadership. If the pic was endorsed and issued by their PR peeps, fooks sake, it underlines what a shower of clowns are in the House. It should be circulated far and wide and ridiculed for what it is.

It’s like some kind of 4th Formers attempt of an album cover picture for the Punk Floyd’s “Ummobamma”. I sense Alan Partridge in the room just out of shot.

I don’t understand why these people aren’t being dragged out of their offices and palaces world wide by now? It can’t happen soon enough ;-j

p.s. I keep seeing more in it…follow the pointing digit muuum, it’s on a line with the phone. That rings a bell, that sounds phoney. Thanks for hitting for button in more than one way yer Moonie, cheers.

feedthemoon - September 4, 2013

Cheers James – yeah, when i saw the photo it was a struggle to not laugh and vomit at the same time (a messy bit of multi-tasking). So obvious, the set-up: using the old Kennedy imagery: gleaming white shirts, action-phone-calls – unfortunately Biden ruins the illusion by staring vacantly into space. No doubt awaiting orders from his Israeli handlers.

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