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1. b - January 20, 2014

can’t find a way to contact you now you are gone from youtube + google plus not allowing me to comment on videos on there so hoping you receiving this message here. you got a page on my new website webspace23 hope you will approve of: http://www.webspace23.com/stephen-j-mcauliffe you can get in touch via there if like any changes made to this. hoping you good & well & keepin creative, b aka nearing2012 on jan 20th 2014

feedthemoon - January 21, 2014

Hey friend,

How’s it going? — I just went over to your webspace – looks fantastic. Thanks for featuring me on there, I’m flattered. Will sign up and keep in contact.
One thought on the number 23: Did you read Robert Anton Wilson’s synchronicities on the number? — Guessing you have.
Anyway, good to see you still creative and involved. It may not have happened as some had hoped on Dec 21st 2012 — but I do sense the illusion cannot hold up much longer. — Talk soon. Steve

2. b - January 21, 2014

yes have had many synchronicities myself with 23 ever since reading illuminatus trilogy and cosmic trigger. ‘about 23’ page here http://www.webspace23.com/about-23 + lots more robert anton wilson spread out across the site. thanks checking it out + for the good content to add to it. hoping life & writing going well + new novel out soon?

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